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about 1 year ago
The Reading Life
The Devil’s Wages

The Devil’s Wages

Immensely enjoying listening to Simon Vance reading Barnaby Rudge (Blackstone Audio 1998).  I follow along with the text as I listen because the words help anchor me.  Often, when I listen to radio dramatizations or lectures, I find my mind wanders easily.  The speaker says something that triggers an idea or a memory …

Plodding on

Eight months into my Dickens Reading Project and I’m still plodding along.  Some weeks I read a lot, some not so much.  There are days when my mind seems to relax, sitting in my study, reading by the sunlight shining in the window, and the pages just breeze by....

Tomorrow I’ll read more pages

Of course, I’m behind in my reading already.  I had an idea this would be a tough project to complete, but I thought I would at least be able to keep up a good reading pace in the first few months.  My initial plan was to read the 21 volumes of the Oxford …