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Tonight, we drink Smoking Bishop!
about 1 year ago
Dickens and Drinking
Christmas Drinking with Dickens

Christmas Drinking with Dickens

Our final Drinking with Dickens event of the season will be a special Christmas event.

Drinking with Dickens

Dark Horse Pub (formerly the Dickens Inn) 421 S. 2nd St Philadelphia, PA

Monday December 10 7-9 PM

The bar will be serving Smoking Bishop and Wassail Punch.  We’ll toast the memory of Dickens and …

“Bottle stands— pass it round”

“Bottle stands— pass it round”

“Bottle stands— pass it round—way of the sun—through the button hole—no heeltaps.”    -Mr. Jingle in The Pickwick


Wardle and his Friends Under the Influence of the Salmon


What larks!   Our first night of celebrating...

Drinking with Dickens

Drinking with Dickens




A celebration of the Victorian conviviality of Charles Dickens

“May we never want a friend in need, nor a bottle to give him!”

–Captain Cuttle in Dombey and Son

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