Catching up on my Dickens news feed, I found this item from a couple months ago:

The Dog and Pot sign was displayed above a shop on the southern corner of Union Street and Blackfriars Road for much of the 19th century until some time before the Second World War.

A replica is to be installed on the same spot this year as part of the re-landscaping of the garden outside the modern Rowland Hill House and to coincide with the Charles Dickens bicentenary celebrations.

Dickens had mentioned the original sign in a letter to John Forster, which Forster quoted in his Life of Dickens:

“My usual way home was over Blackfriars Bridge and down that turning in the Blackfriars Road which has Rowland Hill’s Chapel on one side and the likeness of a golden dog licking a golden pot over a shop door on the other.”