As part of my Dickens reading, I’m planning on reading the works in as many formats as possible.  I’m fascinated by how the reading experience can be affected when you change the format of the text or the setting of your reading space.  Many of the novels I’ll read in the Oxford Illustrated Dickens set, but I’m also reading a Penguin Classic (for Oliver Twist).  Later I’ll read one volume from a public library (a copy that has already been read by many people before me).  One novel will be in digital form (probably on my kindle).  For A Christmas Carol, the one Dickens novel I’ve read many times, I’ll be reading it aloud to my children over a few nights.  And I’m most excited to be reading Little Dorrit because the Rare Book Department of the Free Library of Philadelphia has given me permission to read their original serial version.

Anyone have any thoughts about other ways or formats I can read Dickens?  I’d love to hear.

One way I won’t be reading Dickens (although it would be cool), is printed on individual grains of rice.  Tron G. Nguyen has an art installation in which chapters of classic novels, including A Tale of Two Cities, are printed, word by word, on grains of rice.