My order of reading will be as close as possible to the publication dates, meaning I’ll try to discover Dickens (in a compressed fashion) as his original readers did. I’ll make an exception for the Christmas books, which I’ll read this December.

Here’s the order including some of the journalism, but minus the Christmas Books:

The Pickwick Papers

Sketches by Boz (Yes, the Sketches were published before Pickwick, but as a complete serial, Pickwick came first.)

Oliver Twist

The Mudfog Papers

Sketches of Young Gentlemen

Nicholas Nickleby

Sketches of Young Couples

Master Humphreys’ Clock (includes Old Curiosity Shop and Barnaby Rudge)

American Notes

Martin Chuzzlewit

Pictures From Italy

Dombey and Son

David Copperfield

A Child’s History of England

Bleak House

Hard Times

Little Dorrit

A Tale of Two Cities

Great Expectations

The Uncommercial Traveler

Reprinted Pieces

Our Mutual Friend

The Mystery of Edwin Drood